The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training
The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training

Cars, Vans & Minibus ------ ROSPA & SAFED Accredited Driver Trainers

  • Fleet assessment and training
    • Full driver assessment for accident prevention and Road Risk Awareness
      • Follow on training bespoke to individual driver needs
        • Insurance verified Road Risk rating for individual drivers


  • SAFED for Vans, Minibus & Private cars
    • Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving course for van drivers producing better fuel economy and less fuel spend
      • Promotes a safe driving culture within the organisation
        • Verifiable training records showing an average saving of 10% across the board


  • Driver Assessor Training
    • Kelly-ADT/Roadwise-LGV are able to train private individuals up to driver assessor standard
      • Train your in-house lead driver to assessor standard for insurance purposes


  • Advanced driver training to RoSPA and IAM standard
    • Train yourself to an advanced standard and gain discounts on your insurance
      • All training based upon the Roadcraft Police drivers handbook
        • New driver advancement and confidence boosting for motorway and faster driving
          • Specialist older driver traffic management & large vehicle interaction
            • Electric mobility scooter responsibility & interaction with traffic and pedestrians
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