The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training
The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training

Kelly - ADT/Roadwise-LGV are able to supply all of your Driver CPC requirements all you need to do is to contact us for full details.

Dcpc Courses available for purchase:


All of our courses for sale are copyright free and open to edit by you.  This means that you can change anything you like without worrying.  Once you have purchased it, it belongs to you.  We provide the sketch you finish the drawing, if it needs finishing! 

The courses are all three & half hours and currently are or have been registered with JAUPT.


  1. Drivers Hours 2017 updated ---- LGV
  2. Safe Loading & Securing 2017 updated with all new DVSA films ---- LGV
  3. Safe Systems of Work & Risk Assessments ---- LGV 
  4. Bridge Strike.  A serious issue!  LGV & PCV
  5. A Professional Driver? ---- LGV & PCV
  6. Road Traffic Laws of the United Kingdom ---- LGV & PCV
  7. Manual Handling ---- LGV & PCV
  8. Operational Procedures ---- LGV
  9. Vehicle Defect Reporting & Fuel Efficient Driving ---- LGV
  10. Multi-Drop & Customer Service ---- LGV 
  11. Greener City Driving ---- LGV & PCV
  12. Safe City Driving ---- LGV & PCV
  13. Safe London Driving ---- LGV & PCV
  14. Volvo specific: I Shift - Master Driver---- LGV
  15. Health, Safety & First Aid ---- LGV


Other training courses:


  1. Forklift ---- Health & Safety awareness for Rider Operated Forklift
  2. Forklift ---- Basic standard learner presentation. (full 3 day course presentation)  
  3. Moffett Mounty ---- basic operator instructions
  4. Lorry Loader (HIAB) Skills


All courses cost £200.00 - However multiple purchaces all attract a discount.  The  more you buy the less you pay!

Training Films: 


  1. Driver Fatigue Management
  2. Safety with Cranes, Hoists & Slings
  3. Warehouse Manual Handling
  4. Warehouse Storage & Safety Requirements
  5. MEWP Safety Requirements
  6. Forklift Safety Requirements
  7. Forklift Stability Requirements
  8. Forklift - Articulated, Flexable & Bendable
  9. Forklift - VNA & Man-Up
  10. Forklift - Reach Truck Safety
  11. Forklift - Powered Pallet Truck
  12. Forklift - General instructional for all disciplines 
  13. SAFED - The road to Fuel Efficientcy
  14. SAFED - Champions of Fuel
  15. SAFED - Drive It! 
  16. Lorry Loaders ---- Operator Instructions with Attachment extras
  17. Load securing ---- How the law sees it and enforces 

All films cost £25.00 - However multiple purchaces attract a discount.  The more you buy the less you pay!

Courses & Training Films
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Multiple purchases attract a discount. Please use the "Contact us" page or call to discuss your requirements, or just use the general discounts offered on the drop down menu.
You can mix and match courses please contact us once purchased

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