The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training
The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training

Kelly-ADT are pleased to work with respected training company MDM Driver Training (JAUPT Approved Centre AC00653) of Landford, Salisbury to further the delivery of our DCPC courses. We are now able to furnish all DCPC requirements.

 Driver CPC ? all you need to do is contact us for full details.


We are now running courses to suit individuals and business customers at dates and times suited to them.  Individual drivers should contact us to find an available date to attend.


Courses start promptly and finish with a certificate issued to each candidate for proof of attendance.  Uploads to DVLA follow with ability to view your training record within days.


  • Tried those ready made boring courses where the trainer talks more about themselves rather than the important stuff?
  • Sick and tired of the same old subjects?
  • Do you want to be taught a subject that is relevent
  • Do you actually want to learn something 


All drivers need to do a minimum of 7 hours per year to keep up to date without having to "PANIC" when your card is almost expired! 


All courses quoted on a customer by customer basis. 


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