The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training
The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training

Forklift, MEWP & HIAB ---- Click on the section that you require for further information and to contact us.  

Lorry loader usually known as a HIAB.  There are multiple marques of Lorry Loaders such as Bonfiglioli, Atlas, Palfinger to name a few.  The machine is used in a variety of transport related situations and scenarios.  However; the operation of these machines is universal and requires the employer to ensure that the operators are fully trained.  

Here at Kelly-ADT/Roadwise-LGV we are able to supply full training and certification which complies with the HSE AcOPS and full industry standards.

Lorry mounted loaders:  Manitou telescopic and standard Moffett Mounty :  


Two types of machine which require a different approach to their use.  Training for these forklifts is carried out at the customers own premises and on the machine that the driver is going to be using for better familiarity & safety

Boom & Scizzor lift Mobile Elevated Work Platforms or MEWPs --- extreemly versitile and more stable than the old forklift man up cage. 


Full training is required for these machines.  Kelly-ADT/Roadwise-LGV can supply operator and Train the Trainer for all disciplines

Standard counterbalance forklifts are often called "The Common Denominator".  This is because they were the first general design to enter service and they have been an industry mainstay ever since! 


The "HI-Reach" forklift is used in a variety of warehouse operations.  The machine is capable of lifting to a great height and requires the operator to acheive specialist skills that differ from all other disciplines.  This especially in the close aisle operations

Man-UP or VNA --- Specialist machine for narrow aisle warehousing, generally placed upon an electronic pathfinder and able to lift the operator up to the required height for expert placement and extraction of goods.


Free steering once out of the aisle which requires expert handling to move from one aisle to another. 


Kelly-ADT/Roadwise-LGV are able to supply Risk assessments and Safe Systems of Work for forklift operations

Articulated or Bendi --- A cross breed machine between the Counterbalance and the Hi-Reach.  Used in many situations where a double use forklift is required. 


Able to pick and place at high level and in a narrow aisle as well as take the goods outside to load or unload a vehicle

Combi-Lift --- Extreemly versitile and complex machine handler used in a variety of situations.


This machine is able to move forwards, backwards and sideways.  Along with the Articulated it is able to double as a warehouse and yard forklift and double as a Counterbalance and Side-Loader

Telehandler or Rough Terrain forklift --- Used for outside stacking & off-road work. 


Large transport yard, Outside storage depots & Building site usage.  Extreem care is required when operating this type of machine due to the ever present need for clear observations

Powered Pallet Truck and Manual Pallet Truck  --- Hand and Rider operated machines


As with all lifting mechanisms these machines require training for the operator due to the real possibility of accidents

Kelly-ADT/Roadwise-LGV & the STTR adhere to and follow the Approved Codes of Practice (ACoPs) for:

1. Rider Operated Lift Trucks L117

2. Cranes & Mobile Cranes: BS7121-3: 2017

As set out by the Health & Safety Executive 

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