The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training
The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training

Training with Meachers Global Logistics and Hampshire Fire & Rescue.  

Testing out new kit and procedures for a major LGV traffic accident

Telehandler training with NORSE @ Havant Borough Council: HIAB training with Boarhunt Garage & Manitou training with Gibbs transport 2018

How NOT to load your truck and secure your load! 

How do things like this happen?  Most drivers will say "It all happened so quickly I'm not quite sure" 

Now its time for training, or should training have happened before the accident?

1. How not to drive with your HIAB: 2. No securing for a heavy load 3. driving too fast down a winding road fully loaded. 4. Results of a bridge strike in London 5. Disengaged tractor before checking where the container is set! 

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