The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training
The Vision to Deliver Advanced Training

LGV from Cat C1 to C+E  ------------------------- PCV from Cat D1 to D+E                    We supply all types of training for both industrys

  • Train your Trainer
    • Training for the company driving assessor
      • We will supply you with a full interactive assessment spreadsheet that can be saved and utilised for personnel records, insurance documentation for annual review of your Road Risk Policy
      • Road Risk Policy available off our shelf to suit your business needs and insurance requirements


  • Risk Assessments & Safe Systems of Work
    • Full RAs & SSoWs templates available off our shelf to suit your transport business
      • All are ready to be put into place within the operation once any adjustments are made following a site visit


  • Licence acquisition
    • We can train your drivers to pass all of the required tests that are needed to gain their vocational licences
      • Initial paperwork ---- medical and application
        • Hazard Perception & Theory tests
          • Driver CPC (initial theory)
            • Driver on road instruction and training
              • Driver CPC (practical)


  • Driver Assessment
    • Full and quantifiable driver assessments for internal recording and external verification
      • Driver road risk scoring giving advice to employers of a drivers risk rating and improvement training needs
        • General work based assessment for everyday fuel economy and general work related skills


  • SAFED Fuel Economy training
    • The original Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving for transport and Aggregates/Tippers
      • Proven improvements for all operations trained with the average savings being up to 10%


  • Marque Specific familiarity training
    • Kelly-ADT/Roadwise-LGV have been trained by VOLVO, MERCEDES, MAN, SCANIA and DAF at their own facilities to deliver specific training on their marques. 
      • proven improvements in driver telematic scores following training


  • Specific body type familiarity training
    • Here's the keys, there's the paperwork driver, off you go!  Sound familiar?   
      • How is the driver expected to operate this machine safely and efficiently without training?
        • We can deliver training on how to correctly load a trailer and to secure the load ready for the road
          • We are able to fully train a driver how to enter a tip, lift the body and safely discharge the load
            • Train your drivers to operate the REL, or FEL, Tail-lift and Swap-body


All Training costs are competetive.  Full certification provided


Contact us for a quote on your requirements


Registered DVSA LGV Instructor: No 2021 -  National Register of LGV Instructors: No 990000114 - Registered JAUPT PCV instructor: No PCV0347 - ROSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction: No 70288 - SAFED Instructor: No 0259 - SAFED Aggregates Instructor: No DT10012

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